Investing in Dynamic Changes in Tomorrow’s World

Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Kylin Management LLC is a New York based investment adviser that manages two separate funds with one identical thesis: we invest in changes that shape tomorrow’s world. We express our view of the world through Kylin Fund, a long-short equity strategy, and Kylin Long Fund, a long-only equity strategy. As a firm, we strive to be a learning-driven organization. As a team, we aim to cross-pollinate learnings across diverse regions and industries with the singular purpose of creating sustainable returns for our clients.


Our goal is to compound capital at the most attractive risk-adjusted rate over a multi-year period.


We seek to uncover transformational winds in the world around us, and then identify businesses that will either benefit from, or be challenged by, these changing winds. We specifically target long-range businesses that we believe create levers, provide differentiated products and services, offer abundant future optionality, and are led by competent management teams.


  • We employ a fundamental, bottom-up research process in selecting stocks.
  • We focus on domestic businesses in the regions where we have the most expertise.
  • We value quality over quantity: we aim to hold a limited number of high-quality positions.

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This is not an offer or solicitation to invest in any of our private funds. Please see Important Disclosures